Key Plastics Contributes to Aircraft Seating Challenge Response

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Key Plastics Contributes to Aircraft Seating Challenge Response

One of the most annoying aspects of modern passenger air travel is the effect of reclining seats. Research has repeatedly shown this as a major dissatisfier for passengers. There is now a solution at hand.

Monarch Airlines has looked at this issue and is now deploying a revolutionary new non-reclining seat design for use in short haul economy seating. The seat, created by Design Q for their creative partner Pitch has been manufactured by a consortium of expert aerospace component providers.

Key Plastics is glad to announce that we are working as part of this solution by providing our injection moulding experience and expertise. Working with the full Supply Chain, Key Plastics has partnered to help ensure the best and most efficient aerospace grade materials are used in these products.

The Injection moulded components for this new seating solution have been provided by Key Plastics as part of the new seat design. These component parts are among the most visible and defining characteristics of the new seat.

At less than 25kg for a full triple seat-set , the seat itself is designed to be light-weight and comfortable while also providing innovations such as a PC tablet holder, giving passengers a modern flying experience with maximum comfort and in-flight entertainment.

Key Plastics offers not only manufacturing capacity to our customers in the aerospace and other industries but also bespoke tool manufacture which will speed-up development and lead times but also the benefits of a long established presence in the moulding industry allowing us to maximise the potential of supply chain and product knowledge for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders.

Key Plastics is looking ahead to this future of airline travel and is positioned to support and grow the product offering for our current and future customer base.

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