Tooling Transfers

The global market has evolved a lot in recent times. With that – the approach and business model for some manufactures has also shifted.

Typically, a tooling transfer might take place in pursuit of higher quality, better pricing, a change in business model and in pursuit of an overall more reliable supply chain.

Following on from the above many organizations are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part for the environment.

Today, the location of your moulding partner can play a key role in offering a cost-effective and geographically practical solution to reduce transport costs alongside the associated Co² footprint.

Key Plastics are here to help, we have many years of experience with tooling transfers both Nationally and Internationally.

At Key we can offer the following support to your organization if you are considering transferring your tooling to our facility.

  • Support in managing the physical transfer of tools to our site.
  • Inspection of incoming tools/ moulds on arrival.
  • Report on the current condition of the tools.
  • Identification of any risks or issues with the tools.
  • Recommendations for repairs, maintenance, or modifications.
  • Tooling adjustments or repairs, in-house in our fully equipped tool-room
  • Identification of any extra or peripheral equipment that might be needed to support the long-term injection moulding of the components from the tools.
  • Moulding Trials to establish component quality, mass production capabilities etc.
  • Validation process to support the re-establishment of the tooling parameters in a controlled manner in our facility.

A key advantage in dealing with Key Plastics is the peace-of mind you will get in knowing that you are dealing with a Company who understands all the nuances of both injection mould tooling design & manufacture combined with over 30 years of injection moulding experience.

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